Some Things We Learned in the first 5 Days of Bears Training Camp

I had the pleasure to make my annual trip to training camp in Bourbonnais yesterday.

Though I feel like I get some perspective, I’ve learned over the years that you really can’t take a lot from watching a training camp practice. Some guys have good days, some guys had bad days.

As an example, I some players […]

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The Chicago Bears are REBUILT, Poised for Playoffs

Marc Trestman was fired following a disastrous 2014 season.  In response, the Bears replaced GM Phil Emery, hired a new coach, brand new coordinators and began dismantling the team.

The main headline — BEARS to REBUILD.

At the time, most fans talked about rebuilding as a long term disease or even a curse, suggesting it would take […]

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Should the Bears Draft a QB with the 11th Pick?

The first part of free agency is over. The Bears have come away with 4 new players in Bobby Massie, Danny Trevathan, Jerrell Freeman and Akiem Hicks.   That is 4 new starters. They also re-signed Tracy Porter, Zach Miller, Mitch Unrein, Marc Mariani, Jacquizz Rodgers, Sherrick McManis that should be heavy contributors this year.

They […]

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Bears Have Huge Offseason Coming – What to Watch For

The Bears lost their last game of the season.  Another loss at home. Another loss in the division. Another loss to the Lions.   It makes me sick.   It’s one thing when Hall of Fame QB’s can beat you but the Lions?

That’s why this upcoming offseason is really the big one.  It’s time to […]

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What Went Wrong for the Bears This Year and What Happens Next

From the beginning, this season was labeled a rebuild year for the Bears. I had some hopes that the team would be able to quickly turn it around. They just didn’t have enough to compete at a playoff level.  But they were damn close.  Closer than I expected.

Earlier in the year, my guess was 8-8. […]

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Bears Seasons is Over… Time for a Rant

Another annoyingly close loss and that brings the Bears to 5-8. The season is over. The Bears can’t make the playoffs.

Clearly they don’t have the talent to win games. And they have to clean up a lot of shitty football. I guess this isn’t a huge surprise for a team that entered the season thin […]

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The Bears Turned a Giant Corner

The Chicago Bears went to Green Bay and won a game. It’s a big deal.

They went up to that miserable, nasty place in shitty weather and won on Thanksgiving.

Here’s why its important

  1. The Packers are our rival and treated us like bitches for decades but particularly bad the last 6 years.
  2. We have to be able to […]
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Adam Gase is Good… Too Good

I don’t think Bears fans could be more pleased with the offensive development under new offensive coordinator Adam Gase.  If you thought this guy just rode the coattails of Peyton Manning, you were clearly mistaken.

Nothing could be better for the Chicago Bears, except that he might be too good.

The NFL has been crazy this year […]

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Bears Have the Ammo to be a Playoff Team in 2016

Yes, I’m a Bears fan and putting my homer hat on.  And it sucks to be 2-5 right now.  Especially when you just blew 2 winnable games.

Still, I can’t imagine being more optimistic about a 2-5 team.

If you actually look at each game closely, you realize the team was in every game with exception of […]

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3 Reasons Why the Bears lost a Winnable Game

This game really annoyed me.  And I’m one of those fans that doesn’t come unglued because of a bad play or bad call. It’s football. This happens every week. What bothers me most about this game is that it was very winnable and a win would have made the Bears 3-3, 1-1 in the division […]

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