The Mitch Trubisky Question:  Does Sitting a Rookie QB Really Help?

The Bears are 0-2.  The Bears just got destroyed by the Buccaneers.  While the entire team stunk it up, the biggest issue was QB Mike Glennon.

Glennon got a nice contract and was billed as QB that would play conservative and smart with some upside to make big plays. So far we haven’t anything close to […]

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Chicago Bears 2017 Season Preview – Thoughts and Predictions

The NFL season kickoffs tonight with the Chiefs/Patriots game.  On Sunday, the beloved open up against the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 10th at 12PM CST at Soldier Field.

The roster, though always in flux, seems to be reasonably stabilized.   Here are some thoughts about what the Bears are doing and what they’ll […]

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Which Players to Key on in Bears 2017 Preseason Games

With the first part of training camp concluded, the Bears set out to start their preseason games with a roster that is currently filled with a lot of unknowns.

Just to quickly recap, the Bears have 3 new QB’s, 2 new TE’s, a bunch of new WR’s, a lot of different defensive backs and a handful […]

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Why the Bears Needed to Trade Up to Get Trubisky

The Bears shocked the world, when they gave up a chunk of mid round draft picks to move up one spot and select QB Mitchell Trubisky.

It seems fans either loved the move or absolutely hated it.

But in the aftermath, we are finding out that the Bears loved Mitch Trubisky. He was coveted by many teams […]

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How the Bears can Find a QB in the 2017 NFL Draft

The Bears had a crappy season last year. That doesn’t leave many positives, except for the one thing. The Bears have the very high #3 overall pick. It may the most important pick they’ve had in over a decade.

It’s the highest draft pick the Bears have had since taking Cedric Benson #4 overall in 2005. […]

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Hoyer, Cutler and the 1-5 Chicago Bears

I’ve spent some time thinking about this team last night.  I can’t remember the last time I was this disappointed in the Chicago Bears.   I wasn’t thrilled about the Trestman collapse, but I was watching terrible football so losing was inevitable.  The 2007 was disappointing because coming off a super bowl season I expected […]

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Two Key Factors That Could Save the Bears Season

There is a lot wrong with the Chicago Bears.  No one can deny that.   From a viewpoint of the national media, the Chicago Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL.  While they didn’t get routed like the Trestman days, they’ve still had a terrible start to the season.  The 2nd half of […]

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Despite Unknowns, Bears Go Into 2016 With More Talent

After a fairly lackluster preseason, the 2016 Bears aren’t get much in the way of “good press” from the national outsiders.  They seem to be ranked anywhere from 18 to 31 in power rankings.   Most analysts are expecting a losing record.  The vast majority are predicting a loss this weekend as though Brock Osweiler is […]

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Some Things We Learned in the first 5 Days of Bears Training Camp

I had the pleasure to make my annual trip to training camp in Bourbonnais yesterday.

Though I feel like I get some perspective, I’ve learned over the years that you really can’t take a lot from watching a training camp practice. Some guys have good days, some guys had bad days.

As an example, I some players […]

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The Chicago Bears are REBUILT, Poised for Playoffs

Marc Trestman was fired following a disastrous 2014 season.  In response, the Bears replaced GM Phil Emery, hired a new coach, brand new coordinators and began dismantling the team.

The main headline — BEARS to REBUILD.

At the time, most fans talked about rebuilding as a long term disease or even a curse, suggesting it would take […]

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